We are a service oriented company that strives to help the local community move around Allen County.

As a service based company things will arise from time and time that need to be shared. We encourage you to communicate any comments or concerns and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.

Paying a Compliment

  • Compliments or suggestions allow us to provide quality service
  • We encourage you to express any help that one of our staff has provided you with, where they went above and beyond expectations
  • Please do not hesitate to write or phone us so that we can pass the compliment or suggestion onto the service or staff concerned, or use the form available by clicking here.

Filing a Complaint or Making a Comment

  • Complaints, comments or suggestions allow us to review the service provided and ensure we are meeting your needs
  • They give us an idea on how we might be able to provide you with better information and improve services
  • Your comments can be about any of the services that we provide and may be the best way to give us feedback on your thoughts and experiences
  • In the first instance, you may phone us or you can fill out the form below