ACRTA’s Fixed Route system consists of 10 regularly scheduled weekday routes.

The fixed route system services our customers six days a week.  

In addition to regular stops that are marked along the fixed routes, ACRTA customers can use the flag stop method to signal the driver to stop and board the bus to ride to destinations included in the fixed routes.  This system is being switched over to fixed stops over 2022-2023.  Routes #5 South Main and #6 West North have already been changed and you must be waiting at a bus stop sign to be picked up.  This improves safety for the passengers, the buses, and other vehicles on the road.  It also improves efficiency of the routes.

It is our desire that every patron has a calm and relaxing ride as they are carried to their destination. To make everyone’s experience safe and orderly please read our Riding Guidelines.

We observe the following holidays, and buses will not run: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or federally observed day if holiday falls on a weekend.

ACRTA 2017 bus