The South Metcalf/Shawnee Route runs 5 days a week.

REVISED 3/13/2023

With regular stops Monday through Friday at WOCAP, Liberty Arts, Husky, Apollo, the new JFS, OIO, PTC, Bob Evans Factory, and more.

Please note that this route no longer uses a flagging system to signal the driver to stop; instead, the bus will stop only at the designated Bus Stops along the route.

Helpful Route Information

On the right-hand side of this page you will find a map of the route which includes fixed route stops and stop times. You can also use the Plan Your Trip link, which allows you to set your starting location and find the best walking/bus route to get to your desired destination.

We observe the following holidays, and buses will not run: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

8. South Metcalf / Shawnee

HourlyDedicated Stops
:21 afterEureka and Central
:22 afterWOCAP
:22 afterKibby and Main
:23 afterLiberty Arts
:24 afterMetcalf and Kibby
:25 afterHusky Refinery
:26 afterBeer Barrel
:26 afterMetcalf and Fourth St shelter
:27 afterJSMC
:30 afterMcDonald's
:31 afterShawnee Business Park
:33 afterApollo
:33 afterShawnee and Britt Avenue
:34 afterBreese and Elmview Dr.
:36 afterBreese and Poinsettia
:37 afterAce Hardware
:39 afterALPA
:41 afterPPG
:41 afterWannamacher
:42 afterCentral Point Business Park
:42 afterHanthorn and St. John's
:43 afterAcross from Speedway
:44 afterJFS
:45 afterBob Evans (Will Call)
:45 afterPTC
:47 afterOIO (Will Call)
:47 afterSpeedway
:48 afterHanthorn and St. Johns
:49 afterCentral Point Pkwy
:50 afterHanthorn and Reese
:51 afterPPG
:54 after Breese and Dixie
:55 afterBreese and Susan Ln
:56 afterBreese and Shawnee
:57 afterApollo (Will Call)
:58 afterZurmehly and Shawnee
:59 afterMcDonald's
:00Fort Amanda and Adgate
:01 afterCollett and Vine
:04 afterCollett and Kibby
:05 afterCollet and North Shore
:07 afterNorth Shore and Metcalf
:08 afterS. Metcalf and Faurot
:09 after S. Metcalf and Spring
:10 afterSpring and West
:11 afterSpring and Main
WEEKDAYSFirst Run 5:20 am/ Last Run 6:20 pm.

*Saturday Only Stop