Please follow a few simple ACRTA Riding Guidelines, Rules and Tips to make everyone’s ride more enjoyable

Anywhere on ACRTA property including the Transfer Station and Buses

  • Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere on ACRTA property
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited anywhere on ACRTA property
  • Panhandling or begging is prohibited
  • Engaging in unauthorized commercial activity is prohibited
  • Do not damage ACRTA property in any way including graffiti and scratchitti

When Boarding Buses

  • RTA uses a fixed bus stop system, you must be at a designated stop
  • Stand at the bus stop sign or in the bus shelter (if available)
  • Watch for the bus to approach and make sure they see you in time to stop safely
  • For your safety, please be sure not to approach the bus until it has made a complete stop and the doors open
  • Wait for any passengers to exit the bus and clear the steps before boarding

Riding Buses

  • No food or drinks are allowed on the bus
  • A patron may not refuse to present a fare, pass, and/or picture ID to any ACRTA employee
  • Please enter the bus and rest in a seat
  • Please step to the rear of the vehicle, even when standing
  • The seats at the front are designated priority seating for persons with disabilities, riders using wheelchairs, senior citizens and other riders with special needs (for example, expectant mothers or riders using crutches). Please vacate these seats for riders and comply with operator requests to do so
  • Please do not place one’s foot on the seat of a bus bench or seat
  • Please do not occupy more than one seat or place bags on an empty seat when doing so would interfere with transit operations or the comfort of other patrons
  • Portable music players are not permitted without headphones
  • Do not block free movement
  • Do not lie down
  • Do not litter or create unsanitary and/or unhealthy conditions
  • Please keep all conversations – on your cell phone or with other riders – at a courteous volume
  • Many stops are located near businesses and/or residences; act with the same courtesy at the stop as you would while riding the bus – do not litter and keep conversations at a courteous volume
  • RTA welcomes you and your baby. Please keep your baby in a stroller and keep strollers out of the aisles.

Stroller Policy

  • Adult passengers may place their child and stroller in the area designated for wheelchairs if this space is open, please remember seats must be placed back down before exiting bus
  • The stroller cannot be secured by wheelchair restraints and the passenger must move the stroller if the wheelchair space is needed for any passengers
  • Strollers are allowed but they must be folded if the bus is full and no seats are available
  • Strollers must be secured by the passenger in a manner so they do not block or narrow the bus aisle
  • If the wheelchair space is not available the stroller must go to the back of the bus in a manner to not block the aisle
  • Adult passengers may leave their child in the stroller, but must keep stroller belts on their child and wheels locked down as well as hold onto the stroller handle for stability
  • The passenger is responsible for boarding and deboarding the stroller, unfortunately, bus operators will not assist
  • If the stroller cannot be accommodated under these guidelines due to the size of the stroller and/or the stroller is blocking or narrowing the aisle, the bus operator has the right to ask the passenger to collapse the stroller

Service Animals

  • Service Animals as recognized by the ADA are welcome on all ACRTA vehicles and facilities.

Firearm Policy for Motor Vehicles

  • Unless otherwise authorized by law, firearms are forbidden on any ACRTA motor vehicle. The transportation or carrying of any firearm must be in accordance with Ohio law and Ohio Revised Code §2923.16 and §2923.126.

Firearm Policy for Building/Premises

  • Firearms are not permitted in any building or premises owned, controlled, occupied or leased by ACRTA, except as authorized under Ohio law and Ohio Revised Code §2923.126.

Tobacco-free Policy

Click Here to read the ACRTA policy

Note: Policies are subject to change